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 Our hatchery was established in 2005 and has since then focused on raising and stocking freshwater tropical fish. At Fancy Aquarium we know our customers are our most valuable asset, which is why we make customer satisfaction our top priority. We are largest wholesale dealer, collector, supplier for freshwater & ornamental fish in India. We handle many types of Freshwater Fish including Tetra, Angel, Catfish, Goldfish, koi,Discus etc. The quality and health of our aquatic life is second to none. Its quality, size, standard of packing and transportation ensure customer of their satisfaction at all cost. Our experience can guarantee you for safety, secure and on time delivery. Our customer gets a captive breed/tank raised fish & legal fish only. facility: Our catalogue for wholesalers and shop owners contains more then 250 items and grows further. Our strong relationship with the local breeders network and also ensures that we are usually the pioneer in the market with a new variety or breed. Why you should consider to do business with

• We have all facility for operate for deliveries the best quality fish to our customers.

• Best packing system for live fish for long time transportation.

• Reasonable price for Aquarium Shop, wholesaler and Stockiest.

• Good condition for business freshwater fish.

At TROPICAL EXOTICS (a premiere industry of Ornamental Aquarium Fish farming), we maintain the best quality in breeding of exotic and indigenous varieties of ornamental aquarium fishes, maintaining all ethical standards of pet handling and welfare. Ornamental Aquarium fishes here are bred in conditions simulating their natural environments as far as practicable. We are engaged in Breeding, Wholesaling, Retailing highly attractive and beautiful species of Ornamental Aquarium Fishes. With the aim to fulfill the ever growing needs of our clients, we offer a broad array of Carps (e.g. Gold Fish), South American Cichlids (e.g. Angel, Oscar, Discus, Ramirezi, Severum), Central American cichlids (Texas, Salvini, Blue Acara, Green Terror), African Cichlids (Auratus, Peacock, etc.), Anabantids (Pearl Gourami, HalfmoonBetta), Barbs (Tiger, Albino Tiger, Green Tiger, Rosy, etc), Livebearers (Swordtail, etc.), Freshwater sharks (Albino Rainbow, Rainbow, Redtail, Bala,Tiger, Albino Tiger, etc.), Silver Dollar and many more. Proceedings are monitored and supervised by certified pisciculturists of the country. Our Ornamental Aquarium fishes are readily accepted nationaly as due to their eye-catching color combinations, body shape, long and attractive tails and fins. .

Message to the Wholesaler, Retailer : With the assistance of skilled professionals, Tropical Exotics has been able to procure and deliver ornamental aquarium fishes in timely and efficient manner. We have won accolades all across India for our high-quality fry. Further, our association with trustworthy and certified vendors who are well-versed with the advanced techniques, enables us to satisfy the bulk requirements of our clients. Due to our transparent business dealings and fair business techniques, we have established a vast vendor base. We ship Ornamental Aquarium fishes to all major cities of India via railways and airways. We export Ornamental Aquarium fishes too. 

Message to the Aquarium enthusiast : TROPICAL Exotics wishes to serve you as an ultimate one-stop solution to all your needs in the hobby. We are the best in the business when it comes to reliability and quality of aquarium products. We not only do serve the Wholesalers, Exporters, Retailers throughout the country, we do indeed comply with the different needs of a veteran aqua-hobbyist or even any amateur aqua-enthusiast. we supply every product that you need, directly at your doorstep. Order online and relax ! Not only do we deal in fishes and fishery books, fish foods, aquarium chemicals and accessories, there is one more offer for you, the AQUATIC PLANTS ! .

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